Monday, June 3, 2013

Paula Patton Internet connect

In her movie Disconnect, Paula Patton plays Cindy, a young mom who sufferes a personal tragedy and seeks refuge in the online world. She ends up having her identity stolen. The movie shows how people are more technology enabled but very gullible, using their cell phones, laptops, and iPads to connect with other people online, without even meeting them face-to-face. Paula Patton had a fear of technology some years ago. Now she is active on Twitter but told USA Today: "I don't Google myself anymore. It's a bad idea. The couple of times I've done it, it ended up with me having a hangover the next day and a good week of hating myself."

Paula Patton likes using the Internet for research and online shopping. Paula's gadget of choice is the BlakcBerry Z10 and she says, "My favorite app is Yelp. I love to eat. I eat a lot. My husband and I do. On the app, it tells you what's open and what's closest to you. And I think the ratings are pretty accurate."

Paula Patton admires her booty in a scene from Jumping the Broom. Paula Patton does yoga for her fitness with a trainer about whom she tweeted: "I Have to thank @JeanetteJenkins she helped this body get back in shape :)" According to Variety, Paula Patton has signed on with Medavoy Management. Paula Patton's upcoming movies are Universal's Two Guns opening in August, Fox Searchlight's Baggage Claim, and the Screen Gems flick About Last Night.

Paula Patton in a bath tub for Giant magazine in 2009. Paula told Giant: "I've stopped taking birth control. I've been on it since Robin and I started dating. I'm really not a planning person, but I do know I want to be a parent ... so whatever will be, will be." And they had a son Julian right after.

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