Friday, June 28, 2013

Olivia Munn geek money

Olivia Munn calls herself a geek because she made her name and money on the G4 Gaming Network's Attack of the Show since 2005. In 2010 Olivia Munn left the show with plenty of money, buying her own two-bedroom, two-bath home in Hollywood for $905,000. The journalism major was a correspondent for the comedy news series, The Daily Show. Olivia Munn was in movies like Iron Man 2, Magic Mike, and The Babymakers. In 2012 she got a regular paying job in HBO's The Newsroom, which has been renewed for a second season. Olivia Munn probably makes in the range of $50,000-$100,000 per episode as salary and tweeted recently, "The Newsroom Season 2 premieres July 14!!! Set your Tivos, DVRs, VCRs or courtroom sketch artists."

Olivia Munn joined Twitter in 2008 and tweeted in 2009: "Just got new computer, xbox and zune from microsoft. Played around with windows 7- good times." ZUNE lol! Olivia is a Mac user but not a huge fan of Apple products....except for music and games: "i have an ipod touch and it's awesome. i love having my blackberry for emails, pics, phone, etc. and the touch for apps and games." Like all geeks Olivia Munn has her opinion on the dominance of Google, tweeting in 2009: "using secret website, login and password to play around with www. before it launches. mark my words: your new google! for realz."

Olivia Munn has her geek opinions on cell phones: "i'm a blackberry fan for life! but if the [Palm]pre is trying to compete with the iPhone, it fails. Next!" "Real talk? The new Microsoft phone is seriously impressive. Thin, fast, pretty, intuitive...this might be love at first swipe. ;)" Her non-geek obsession are shoes and Olivia Munn tells Lucky Mag: "I like to buy online a lot as there's such a variety and pairs at all prices. I mean, I buy such expensive shoes sometimes and if you’re walking in New York and you hit one grate and the next thing you know, the back is completely torn up and it costs so much to fix it. I do enjoy, obviously, still having those really beautiful designer shoes, but I enjoy saving my money more."

5'4" tall Olivia Munn in the June/July 2013 Esquire magazine. Olivia Munn tells Marie Claire that she sleeps on a Lady Americana California King mattress and keeps a 980,000-volt stun gun for protection at night. Olivia Munn tweets, "rich to me is $10 million in the bank, 2 homes and on the way to getting a private jet. until that, im not rich."

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