Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vanessa Hudgens safety

Pretty Vanessa Hudgens can be seen as a blonde prancing around in bikinis in the new movie Spring Breakers. Growing up Vanessa Hudgens was shy and paranoid about her safety. Vanessa told Seventeen that filming HSM in 2005: "I have such a big imagination that I freaked myself out. When I would go to sleep, I would literally leave all the lights on in my living room and kitchen and would keep the bedroom door open." Part of it was the growing male attention she got: "Once I turned 13, I was the guy magnet. A good amount of the guys wanted to date me. Even older guys looking at me....I remember walking down the street to the mall and there was a fireman driving a truck. He sees me and he sticks his head out of the window, turns his head around, and is staring at me while he is driving the ginormous fire truck." her current boyfriend is actor Austin Butler.
Vanessa Hudgens puts her pretty feet in sandals. Vanessa writed on her blog: "just got theese amazing platforms from Candie's. I danced the night away in them and my feet didn’t even hurt. Quite Impressed." She is not active on her facebook and her twitter account does not have any tweet, but more than 800,000 followers. For her safety Vanessa is into using guns, and has been spotted practicing at a Shooting Range in Van Nuys. Hudgens told Self magazine in 2009, "I keep a Taser in my purse for self-defense. I'm moving into a house by myself, and it's scary."

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