Saturday, March 16, 2013

Miranda Cosgrove pretty feet

Miranda Cosgrove fractured her ankle in a 2011 tour bus accident. And the poor kid is still undergoing surgery so that her pretty feet recover fully. 19 year old Cosgrove tweeted: "Hard day today! Surgery on my ankle. Now watching Annie Hall with my amazing Christmas gift/puppy Penelope!" In an interview with Seventeen, Miranda talked of what she likes on her feet: "I love high heels——even though I'm always tripping. I love Fiorentini & Baker boots. I have four pairs. I got my first pair six years ago and I still wear them all the time. They're pretty beat up now, but they look even cooler!" Miranda Cosgrove can bear pain in her feet, tweeting: "I know my shoes are going to be killing me by the end of the night but I still want to wear them #thingsgirlsdo" and she's grateful when her feet are taken care of: "Having some fun in a really cool hotel in Toronto, Canada! The floor in the bathroom is heated so your feet don't get cold!"

Miranda Cosgrove joined Twitter in 2009, using apple products like a Mac computer to go online. "I wish my computer had a pear on it instead of an apple like it does on iCarly." Sweet Miranda Cosgrove is attending college and also uses the iPhone. In an interview with Missy O and Friends, Cosgrove said she stores memories away from her computer: "I do have a journal, that I write all my thoughts in every day. So that's kind of something. I also have a burn box where I write secrets down and put it in a box."

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