Saturday, March 16, 2013

Miranda Cosgrove money

Miranda Cosgrove may possibly be the richest young female celebrity as of last year. The 19 year old is taking a break from acting and singing to attend college, where she tells USA Today about her major: "This is my first semester. I'm getting in the groove and getting used to it and trying to figure college out. I definitely want to act. That's why I want to major in film. The most important thing is to find a good story." Cosgrove was on iCarly, which was Nickelodeon's most popular show among the tween and kid demographic until last year. Miranda's show even beat out rival Disney channel's Hannah Montana in the ratings.

With its popularity, Miranda Cosgrove was believed to be making a staggering $180,000 per episode! Her first album, 'Sparks Fly' was released last spring by Columbia Records and made its debut at No. 8 on the Billboard 200. Cosgrove is also an official ambassador for beauty brand Neutrogena; and she voiced the character of Margot in the animated film Despicable Me. She spends her money on clothes, boots, beauty products, and fashion accessories. Miranda Cosgrove drives a Porsche Cayenne and uses Apple products.

Role model Miranda Cosgrove was living with her parents but with all the money that she made, Miranda recently purchased a home in Los Angeles, California for $2.65 million.

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