Monday, February 4, 2013

Megan Fox game addict

Before she became a mother last Spetember, Megan Fox was a gaming addict. Nowadays she spends her time raising her son Noah by being eco-friendly and using organic products. In an old interview with Collider, Megan Fox had revealed: "I have Halo: Reach, but I am playing online. I don't really play in story mode anymore. [Xbox Live players] have no idea. They make fun of my gamer tag too because it is funny. And they are all a bunch of guys and it is clear that I am a girl so they make fun of my name, and they have no idea they are making fun of me." And Fox added that she had a complete addiction to the game. In a 2009 intervied with British GQ, Megan talked of her addiction with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and how she loved playing Lord Of The Rings Trivial Pursuit game.

The tech products that Megan Fox uses are boring old Apple Macs, on which she liked to sketch visual art. She appeared in a commercial for the new Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook but remains a loyal Mac user. And of course seen here holding on to her iPhone. Megan Fox remains a mystery woman because she doesn't have a Twitter.

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