Friday, February 8, 2013

Isabeli Fontana business

Born to a poor family in the town of Curitiba in Brazil (July 4, 1983), Isabeli Fontana took up odd jobs like selling geladinho popsicles and stationery in the neighborhood from the age of 12. "My family always had to struggle to have money," says Fontana. All that changed when Isabeli got into the business of modeling and began tasting success. "When I was 16 years old, I bought a beach house in Guaratuba," boasts Fontana. "It cost $120 thousand." With all the money she was making, Isabeli also presented her father with an Omega Supreme watch and refurbished her mother's apartment for $20 thousand. And she paid for her brother's education! Isabeli made it to the ranks of top ten supermodels with money.

Isabeli Fontana invests some of her time and money in the real estate business. She built a house overlooking a lake in the interior of Sao Paulo state and is looking to build a spa on another 150 acre property. "I want bungalows, greenery, and have animals," he says. "But my dream is to make a hotel, resort beach, or maybe a shopping center." Fontana also built a farmhouse in Florianópolis.

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