Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tips for online investing

You save a lot of money when you buy and sell shares using your computer from home. No hefty fees to a broker and just minimal charges for using an online brokerage platform. But there are some disadvantages to online investing: competing against seasoned traders, inability to do extensive research, inability to do timely research, being the last to get information, and a lack of funds. There are some tips for online investing to keep your investments safe:
  • Get familiar with the software. All this takes is practice with a dummy account and using play money. Get into actual investing once you gain confidence.
  • Cut the emotion out of investing. Most small investors do their research on a couple of stocks and hope to make money out of them. When their call goes wrong they keep waiting for some turnaround...these investors become emotionally invested and keep losing money.
  • The hot Missy Peregrym
  • The misleading "buy low sell high" terminology has cost many online invetors their hard earned money. The better way is to always buy strong stocks in a bear market and sell in a bull market.
  • Don't buy and forget is one of the common sense tips. Keep tracking the share, company news, and the market trends.
  • Look for safety of your money first — don't dream of making high returns
  • Diversify. Some of your investing money should be in bonds and mutual funds. Don't put more than 10 percent of your cash in a single stock.

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