Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kristin Kreuk online experience

Exotic looking Canadian actress Kristin Kreuk does not have a Facebook or Twitter account and describes herself as very private person. Her early life was quite free of the technology revolution: "We didn't have TV, and I didn't have games. So mostly it was playing outside and make-believe and do your homework and times tables." When Kreuk, who has Dutch and Chinese ancestry, got into acting on TV shows and movies she became more outgoing and into the online world.

Kristin started a social network site for teen girls to help build self-esteem, and help them to build projects in their lives. But for herself Kreuk stayed away from the online experience in her private life, which allowed people to make up rumors and scandals about her. Kristin tells Elle Canada: "There was a quote -- which I don't think I said -- about how I love to hang around my house naked," Kreuk says, laughing. "Even if I did, I wouldn't go around talking about it! It has become the truth because it's on the Internet. It's wild."

Kristin Kreuk on her knees for Seventeen. If there was anything that Kristin would do freely on the Internet, it would be online shopping. "If I like it, I’ll buy it; pure impulse shopping," she says. And her favorite stuff to buy: "I’m addicted to textiles, bangles and all kinds of jewellery."

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