Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Program using math to prevent crime

The Los Angeles Police Department is using a computer program to actually predict where crimes will happen. It's called "Predictive Policing" a program which Capt. Sean Malinowski says puts officers on the scene before crimes occur. "Sixty-five percent of our crimes are burglary, grand theft auto and burglary from a motor vehicle." The computer program is using the same kind of mathematical calculation used to predict earthquakes and aftershocks. By analyzing the times, dates, and places of recent crimes computers project "hot spots" for burglaries, break-ins, and car thefts. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck says increasing police patrols inside those boxes denies criminals opportunity. The LAPD began testing the Predictive Policing model in the Foothill Division in November. And the early results are encouraging. Burglaries are down 33 percent and violent crime is also down 21 percent.

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