Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mac malware Flashback Trojan

After the supermodel malware on mac machines, there is more bad news for those using Apple computers. A malware outbreak called 'Flashback Trojan' has infected more than 650,000 Apple computers, of which 303,000 were hit in the US and another 106,379 in Canada. The Flashback Trojan virus is written in Java and exploits a Mac OS X vulnerability to direct the users to one of more than four million bogus websites. Those sites contain a virus code written in an unknown computer language that can access the infected Mac machines from a remote server without a password.

Apple issued two automatic security updates this week to remove the Flashback Trojan virus; Mac users who did not activate the patch will need to manually remove the malware, or employ a security firm to scan and disinfect their operating system. Boris Sharov, chief executive of Doctor Web, said the attack should finally dispel the notion that the Mac OS is immune to cyber attacks. Technology experts have always known that to be a fallacy, and predict that with the growing popularity of Macs, malware attacks will only increase.

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