Monday, April 9, 2012

Eye strain remedies and prevention

Optometrists report that workers under 40, even those with small prescriptions, are struggling to keep their eyes healthy in an increasingly digital world. Staring at 2D computer screens, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, all day long causes eye strain and leads to computer vision syndrome. Cell phone screens can also cause eye strain because increasingly people are playing games on these devices. Just a few hours a day of using a computer can cause eye strain, according to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. Children aged 8 to 18 have better vision and but they spend on average 7.5 hours staring at computer screens, and unblinking staring causes dry eyes and blurred vision. Prevention is the best remedy for eye strain. If you are spending more than 2 hours sitting and staring at a computer screen, take a physical break every hour, go outside and walk around for a few minutes. It's also important to take visual breaks: every fifteen minutes look away from the computer screen to rest your unblinking eyes. It's best to have your workstation near the window so you can stare outside at the more in-depth 3D environment.

Optometrists prescribe computer glasses with single-vision lenses for people with blurred vision. Some others advocate using anti-glare lenses, but these can only slow down and not prevent eye strain. It's claimed that the new iPad's ultra-high-resolution retina display can prevent eye strain....but no studies have verified this claim. Degeneration of vision is a slow process and using the iPad is no way for prevention of eye strain, if you're using it for long hours without taking breaks. There are also home remedies for treating eye strain disorders: daily splashing the eyes with cold water, putting cool cucumbers or used tea bags on your eyelids gives some relief. But taking breaks is still one of the best remedies for eye strain prevention.

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