Friday, March 6, 2009

Mobile apps

Cell phone software, also called mobile apps, is a growing business as more people use their mobiles to surf the web and use computer applications.

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Despite recent competitors like Google’s Android and Ovi by Nokia, Apple still dominates the mobile application market with its ITunes App Store. While Apple has had the advantage of being the first company to successfully penetrate the market with its AppStore, offering a wide variety of user generated programs for the iPod and iPhone, many mobile companies are introducing their own variations of the concept.

In addition to Google and Nokia, Blackberry is looking to capitalize on its industry-leading Smartphone market share with a storefront introduction expected in March. Palm and Microsoft are also looking to enter the market. No one however can currently compete with the 15,000 applications the Apple AppStore is offering.

The App Store even offers 13 applications that help you save money in this recession!

Apple is also ahead in the mobile gaming market. Apple's App Store offers games for sale, as well as their free limited-use versions. Recently Namco Networks released the first snowboarding and skiing game on iPhone, available at Apple's App Store.

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