Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finding jobs with YouTube

Ice hockey's Tampa Bay Lightning's marketing director was laid-off but began finding jobs thanks to a video resume posted by his teenage son on YouTube. Within 24 hours, they've already gotten a couple hundred e-mails and a couple of job leads, the father said. 14-year old Ben Gullett says, "I came up with the idea that my dad is a good marketing guy and that I love him and I'm going to be here for him."

In the black-and-white video, the Brandon teen holds up signs that tell viewers about his father. The video goes on to say that Mark Gullett had worked for nine years with the Lightning ice hockey team and was a vice president of marketing.

Standing outside in front of a tree, Ben Gullett holds up signs that read, "Now he needs me and YOU! To help find a job. OK?" He also describes his father as smart, creative and hardworking, "But most importantly he is my Dad. I love you Dad."

YouTube is the online video hosting and sharing service that lets anyone upload videos for a global audience. You need a Google account to upload videos, but anyone can view videos. Among YouTube's massive catalog are music videos, movie clips, TV shows, ads, home movies, audio recordings, etc which have been captured on video or converted to the Flash video format.

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